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HASKAP THE NEW SUPERBERRY - Exponentially More Antioxidants than Traditional Berries. Rich in BioActive Compounds: Polyphenols, Vitamin C Provitamins: A, B1, B2, B6, B9, P Minerals: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium Immune Health is packed with Anthocyanins that naturally support your health. Considered by researchers to be the Super Berry of the 21st Century, Haskap Berries are the new homeopathic solution protecting your body from colds, flu and environmental stresses.


WE TOOK THE BEST NATURE COULD GIVE and brought it to you in the most easy-to-use form! A potent Extract of the Haskap Super Berry + Zinc gets easily digested for the best possible results. Use it twice daily and be healthy! Canadian researchers have demonstrated that haskap berry extracts significantly reduces the development of chronic inflammation. They also showed that the anti-inflammatory effect of haskap was comparable to commonly used non-steroidal anti-inflammatories.


PREMIUM QUALITY our antioxidant blend is made in Canada, from seed to capsule under strict gmp guidelines. With naturally potent ingredients you won't find anything better! Try a full bottle of Immune Health super antioxidants, and feel the benefits of this premium supplement for yourself!


ENCAPSULATED TO PROTECT THE BIOACTIVE POLYPHENOLS on it’s journey to your stomach where the C3G Antioxidants are directly absorbed into the bloodstream across the stomach wall. The delivery method is superior to ingesting the powder in other ways since the addition of any form of moisture to the powder breaks down the health-promoting polyphenols. Taking Haskap powder in the form of a capsule is the best way to access the health promoting benefits in this super berry berry.


ANTIOXIDANT SUPERFOOD Haskap berries are so high in antioxidants and anthocyanins that you can call them a superfood. The berries are now grown in Canada. Haskap Health has created a freeze dried powder from the berries that retains the nutritional strength of haskap berries, but contains no sugar, artificial sugar, or artificial colors. Call it an antioxidant superfood powder.

Immune Health

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Haskap has been proven to:

  • Help Regulate Blood Pressure

  • Support Digestion

  • Improve Learning & Memory

  • Boost Immunity

  • Help to Regulate Glucose Levels

  • Improve Eye Health

Studies suggest that the polyphenols-rich Haskap berry has the potential to be used as an effective functional food to control inflammation.

(Rupasinghe, Boehm, Sekhon-Loodu, Paramr, Bors, Jamieson, 2015). Cited from the US National Library of Medicine.